Angela Cardon


Full scholarship Utah Valley University


2016 WA State Track

State Champion 100M

2nd Place 200M

3rd Place Triple Jump

Angela Cardon

Pasco High School '16 Senior

Cole Northrop


Richland Basketball - Shooting Guard

Freshman Varsity Player

Cole Northrop

Richland High School, class of 2017

Dontae Powell


Full ride scholorship to WSU - Offensive tackle

Ranked #6 in the state

Dontae Powell

Richland High School

Caleb Weber


Top 5 Middle linebacker in the the state.

Caleb Weber

Chiawana High School, Senior 2017

Paxton Stevens



Paxton Stevens

Richland High School, Senior 2017

Tanner Bolt


2A WA State Player of the year

Tanner Bolt

Prosser High School, Senior 2017

Prosser High

Varsity Football Team

Colten Alfeteras: Brian Rackleys training involves absolutely the hardest and most grueling workouts I have ever been through! In a  little over a month of working out with him I put on 10 pounds. If you're willing to put in  that extra work this training will pay off huge for you as it did for me!


Kyle Steinbock: I thought that Brian Rackleys training was the most difficult, and toughest workouts I had ever done. It was worth it though, I feel faster, quicker, and more agile. If one is willing to put in the work they will see the results as did myself!


Jonah Hoefer: Working out with Brian has definitely helped me with my speed. Being a big man down on the line, speed plays a big role. And now I have many exercises to use in the future and to show my other teammates. It payed of huge for me and I would do it again in a heart beat!


Elijah Hoefer: Brian Rackleys training has been an experience of a life time for me,  working with an ex- NFL player and ex division 1 football player who had been through it all , was a a great experience! In just about 2 months I gained 20 pounds of solid muscle, I went from 180 lbs to 200 lbs in a matter of two months. I could not of done it without Brian Rackley. He knows what he is talking about and will put in the time to make sure you get the results you want! He knows exactly what colleges are looking for and he's made getting recruited by all divisions of college a lot easier for me in football.   I went from being recruited from 1 small school to being recruited by 20+ schools division 1 and down because of Brian's training. Brian Rackley can train anyone to be an elite player on any sport. I vouch for that!

Having done a weights program every summer since I was eleven, I thought I could handle any and every  weight related workout. After working out with Brian Rackley, I realized how wrong I was. Brian has such a dynamic way of lifting that he threw me off. Every exercise he showed me were like all the one I had learned before but with some twist. Instead of just doing regular squats, he would have me do a split squat with a jump This dynamic way of lifting has improved many different aspects of my athletic ability. Since I have been working out with Brian, I have become faster, stronger and more agile. It has shown the most on the soccer field. Parents have come up to me after games and commented on how much more dynamic of a player I have become. I am getting into more tackles with other players and winning the tackles because of how much stronger I have gotten. Brian hasn't just helped me in my quick sprints, but also in my long distance runs.  At the beginning of the summer, I ran 6 miles in 45.5 minutes, but since then I have improved my time to 43.75 minutes. Brian has helped me improve immensely, which surprised me because I always thought I was in such great shape. Along with the regular gym workouts I have with Brian, I also have pool workouts with him. He has pool workouts that are hard if not harder than gym workouts. He puts all of the high intensity workouts we do in the gym into a pool workout that would kick any body's butt. Brian also made sure that my workouts were sports specific and specific for me. Since I am a soccer player, who tore her ACL twice, Brian made sure that my workouts always contained hamstring, Quadriceps and hip strengthening exercises, so I won't tear my ACL again. He even had me put on my cleats for cutting and sprinting drills, so my cuts were faster and more game like. Finally, Brian is such a great guy. If he wasn't cracking jokes or jamming out to N'Sync, he would be dancing to whatever song was playing on the radio. He made the workouts tough but enjoyable. I can't wait until I come back next summer and workout with him again. ~ Jaclyn Parnell

Jaclyn Parnell

Willamette University (Soccer)

This past summer I had the privilege of training with Brian Rackley. I will be attending Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon to play colligate soccer. Having Brian as a trainer I was able to improve my fitness level immensely and better prepared my mind and body for the rigorous and demanding preseason to come. Training with Rackley helped me learn various exercises that could help me boost my overall fitness level. I also learned not only how to work hard but how to motivate myself to push beyond my limits. Brian consistently encouraged me throughout workouts even when I had lost faith in my own capabilities. Every week I could feel myself getting stronger mentally and physically. Brian listened to my needs as a soccer player and adjusted each work out to meet those needs every workout was different and focused on a varying muscle group. The strength I have built up has transmitted into my play and I am now a stronger and faster player because of it. My growth during this summer has helped me become more self-motivated in turn prepared me for my college season. ~ Kailee Carneau

Kailee Carneau

Lewis& Clark College

Portland Oregon (Soccer)


Rackley's training for the last 2 seasons not only increased the speed, agility and strength of my athletes, but also gave them confidence and tools to push themselves to be the best they can. Brian's support in our off season transfers to our team all season when the players see him at their games to support them. If you want to be at the top of your game you have to get Brian behind you!  ~ George Bills Tri-Cities THREAT Softball

Tri City Threat

 Softball Team

My name is McKenna Mathis and I have been training with Brian for close to a year now. Brian has helping me not only gain tremendous amounts of speed but also gain strength. Every workout I leave the gym feeling accomplished and proud of myself. Brian also has taught me to believe in myself through all the pain that comes with training, because training, along with all sports is completely mental and he has always helped me through the mental part just as much as the physical training. I have improved so much in my game and my drive towards athletics since training with him. I am a center fielder playing fast-pitch softball on a team out of Seattle, since training with Brian I have gotten almost twice as many college looks this year than I did last year. I've gone to many scouting camps as well this year and I have major improved. Getting recruited is my main goal and Brian is taking me to the next level and helping me reach this goal no problem. I'm only a Junior in high school this year and I will be training with him till I graduate. Brian is a phenomenal trainer!  ~ McKenna Mathis

McKenna Mathis

Coach Rackley has been one of the best trainers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he great at designing a physically demanding workout, he also has a vast knowledge of football techniques that he regularly applies when training football players from several high schools in the area.


When I first met Coach Rackley at our spring football camp I was a severely undersized defensive end. I only weighed in at 190 lbs. Since then he's been putting me through his training and nutrition regime and I've put on 12 lbs of muscle in a matter of weeks.  And even with the weight gain, I have maintained my speed and flexibility. ~ Mason Jackson


Mason Jackson

Our daughter, Harper, has been training with Brian for two years. In that time we have seen a tremendous increase in her speed, agility, strength, posture, coordination, endurance and confidence. This has translated into higher performance results on the field and court. We have heard positive feedback from her coaches who have been equally impressed with the results from Brian's training and it has created many opportunities for Harper to play and train with other teams. After seeing the difference working with Brian was making, her soccer team also signed up for his training and again everyone was blown away with the improvement from all the players. Other teams have commented on the physical abilities of our players and we attribute that to Brian. We will continue to train with him and encourage anyone involved in sports to do the same. ~ Josh, Meghan and Harper Mead


Brian Rackley has been training me for a year. We started training after I had my appendix removed and I had double shin splints. I was deconditioned and I needed to get back into shape for track and baseball season. Brian evaluated me and put me with the high school group where I felt very small compared to the juniors and seniors, but as we trained I began to get stronger and faster. Brian helped me gain an edge over my competition. After track season, I competed and qualified for a state track meet. Brian then switched to training me for only track with his sports specific training. He helped me place 7th in state against 14 year olds and I’m 13. He also helped me get a personal record at state, 11.9 seconds in the 100 meters. I am looking forward to continuing my training with Brian until I graduate high school. With Brian Rackley as my trainer I can train for anything, we are now doing pre-season training for football. Once you think you have done all the workouts that he knows, he throws in a different one with a twist. We work on balance, core, plyometrics, weights, kettle bells, TRX bands, parachutes and so much more. ~ Dominic Salinas

Dominic Salinas

My son Brantley is 10 years old he did 8-10 1on1 and small group sessions with Brian Rackley over the summer. Mr. Rackley was patient as he worked with my son throughout each session. Brian demonstrated cutting edge knowledge and experience as a sports trainer as I observed him run my son through a variety of rigorous and creative drills that seemed to forge and fine tune my son’s raw skills.  I believe he helped give my son the speed, quickness, skills and confidence he will need to give him the edge on the other players as he enters the football season. Brantley is already proven to be one of the fastest kids on the team as he is now practicing to be a running back and linebacker. I am really excited to see my son continue to develop and improve this season. ~ Craig McDonald

Brian Rackley has done an amazing job in developing and transforming the bodies and athleticism of my daughters and high school athletes I coach.  His methods and use of equipment  are cutting edge in the core development of athletes today.  Over just a short time I have seen excellent workout programs and a tremendous improvement in my athletes in performance, workout intensity and attitude. ~ Kimo Von Oelhoffen



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